SEO and SEM: Search Engine Marketing on Google, Yahoo and Ask

E-Commerce Platform Development

To help small and mid-size businesses of British Columbia to quickly establish online presence, the SEO Academy offers short cycle, low cost e-commerce development solutions. These e-commerce solutions are built and tuned to help business owners to continue to grow their businesses, increase customer base, make more sales and cut traditional marketing costs.


When a person or a company has a need to fill, recognizes a problem, or identifies opportunity, potential purchasers try to recall advertising that says who can solve their problem. They may ask friends and colleges if they know who can fill their need. Would they look for a solution on the Web? The answer is obvious. Think about your own personal experience. Where do you go to search for information about a company, a service or a product? Would it be a safe bet to assume that commercial search engines will be one of your first choices?

Why Web presence is a vital necessity for a small business today?

e-Commerce out of the box solutionsIf you are one of those small business owners who believe that your product or service can only be sold through your sales force, think again through your entire sales process. The commercial Web search engines average over 6.4 billion searches per day. A big portion of this crowd is looking for a product or service that you have to offer. A Web site properly built and tuned for high search engine visibility can open countless new business opportunities for you. Quality benchmarks of the Web-system we promise to deliver to you - a British Columbia small business owner:

As SEO Academy is a small business itself, we recognize and understand all challenges of a small business. We managed to build a business model that allows us to shorten the software development project cycle and significantly cut the cost. We are very proud to state that while we deliver very high quality products and services we can beat the lowest rate in Vancouver and the Mainland. We've done it for others we will do it for you! For a free quotation, contact us using our Contact Form. We will get back to you within one business day.