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Paint City, a small Burnaby, BC company, doubled the revenue having 700% ROI within the first six months of investing in online marketing. Paint City is a locally owned and operated business. The company provides commercial, industrial and residential painting services to the customers in Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland.


For several years Allan Mityev, the business owner, was struggling to get the company off the ground building his own customer base. He and his small staff had been relying mainly on traditional marketing methods to reach their target audience. But magazine advertisements and direct mail were expensive and it was difficult to measure the return of the marketing effort. During the economy down time, Alan had to cut the marketing budget so he decided that it was time to upgrade existing web site and to shift the focus toward online marketing. Alan started to search for Internet Marketing professionals and contacted a few companies that offered Internet Marketing services. However, his limited marketing budget was still the main obstacle so he kept searching. At that time Alan requested a free web site assessment from SEO Academy. The Internet Marketing Grading Report provided to Alan by SEO Academy convinced him that there was more he could do to improve the Paint City's web presence. Alan knew he wanted to improve the web site's search engine visibility to attract more qualified web searchers to the site. He also learned that he needs to employ a persuasive web site architecture that focused on converting more visitors into customers. Alan wanted to implement that strategy quickly, effectively and affordably.


SEO Academy Case Studies: Paint City - Internet Marketing project

In June 2008, Alan signed up for the SEO Academy service and was assigned an Internet Marketing specialist to walk through the web site modifications and updates. The SEO Academy consultant helped Alan to update the web site content. The web copy was rewritten to present the information (and only the information) that would be sufficient for the site visitor to take a desired action - place an online estimate request. Alan realized that when site visitors will achieve their goals while on the site the conversions will increase. By mid of July 2009 all the proposed upgrades of the web site were documented, discussed and approved by Alan. SEO Academy's development team received a 'go ahead' and started to work on project deliverables applying the changes. The new release of the modified system was successfully deployed on August 11-th, 2008 and became available to the Internet community at Alan now monitors the web statistics of the website using Google Analytics -a free tool that SEO Academy specialists set up with no charge during the period of the first month free support. He tracks the site traffic, analyses keywords list to see which keywords are bringing in qualified sales leads. "SEO Academy has helped me with setting up the effective online marketing program," said Alan Mityev. "I'm getting a jump ahead of my competitors. After the system was up and running online, the SEO Academy consultants helped me with the site tuning so I am very comfortable with the level of support".


Alan's results since the system went life have been impressive. "During the first two months followed the installing of upgraded system I received as many requests for estimate that as I didn't get for the whole year. This is incredible especially when economy goes crazy. I was able to initiate several projects two of them are pretty fat. I am happy with what I've got."

More specifically, he has seen the following results:Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Results