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Web Analytics for Success

What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a free web analytic tool that generates metrics. Metrics are measurements to help you to answer crucial questions about your web site performance and your online marketing business: Is your Web site serving its purpose and helping you to meet your business goals?


With Google Analytics you will be able to see how profitable your last marketing campaign was, where your site visitors came from, what pages they visited, what they were looking for.It will show you for how long visitors stayed on your site, what they did when they were there, how often they return, what's stopping them from placing orders and what makes them drop off.It's important to note that, whilst Google Analytics can provide you with a large amount of data, the value of that data depends on how you put it to work for you.

Google Analytics: Web Statistics ReportSEO Academy's online marketing staff consists of trained professionals. We can help you with making web analytics one of your most powerful online business tools.

We will provide further support to you and your staff by configuring Google Analytics account to track the right data. You will find Google Analytics very easy to use, due to its clearly measurable results.
SEO Academy's experienced web analysts and marketing experts will help you get the most out of the web analytics program including:

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