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“Spending a fortune to drive traffic to your Web site - when most of it never does anything while it's there - results in high customer acquisition cost and hurts profitability.” - Anonymous


Is your Web site your Digital Salesperson?

When Web site visitors achieve their goals - conversions increase When a visitor doesn't convert, the website has a service defect - a flaw in the Web site's sales process. Conversion rates reflect customer satisfaction and the ability of the Web site to persuade visitors to take action. Traffic plus conversions equals cash Years ago, the famous marketing theorist Theodore Levitt pointed out to the rail barons that they were in transportation business, not just railroading. Following Levitt's lead, we'd like to point out that Web marketers are not just traffic drivers. We are customer acquisition managers. At SEO Academy we manage the process from the point at which the Web site visitor first enters the conversion funnel until they exit. Trying to increase sales simply by driving more traffic to a website with a poor customer conversion rate is like trying to keep a leaky bucket full by pumping more water instead of plugging the holes. Our goal is in keeping more of your site visitors from falling out of the conversion funnel on the way to the close. Here are the benefites you will gain by focusing on increasing your Web site's conversion rate:

Do you want to convert more visitors into customers and make more sales from your Web site? Do you feel that the conversion rate of you Web site has room for improvement ? We will be happy to complete a FREE ASSESSMENT of your Web site and provide you with a free set of recommendations on how to increase your site's conversion rate. Please contact us today and Turn your Web site into the Effective Digital Salesperson!