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To obtain maximum, long-term search engine visibility it is essential to fully optimize three fundamental blocks of the Web site‘s SEO foundation: Text Component , Link Component and Popularity Component. Web sites that use this core in synergy gain fare more search engine visibility over time.


There are still other, less significant factors that may increase or decrease search engine visibility of your Web site. One of these factors is Code to Text Ratio. It is beleived that most of the major commercial search engines consider Code to Text Ratio while ranking Web pages.

Valid Web page mark up is another factor that influences the Web page ranking. By creating well-structured and logically marked up documents according to the W3C guidliles, you provide a better experience for the search engine crawler and hence have more chances to get higher ranking for your Web site.

Use the tools on this page to see if your pages meet all the terms and conditions set forth by the commercial Web search engines.

Code to Text Ratio
Enter your URL below to check the Code to Text Ratio:

0 - 10% - Poor. Consider revising your code to add more text and/or remove some code.

11 - 25% - Generally good but there are a lot of room for improvement.

26 - 40 % - Very good. You may still want to revamp you markup for better results.

40% and more - Excellent. Code to Text Ratio.

XHTML Markup Validator
Enter your URL below to check if your Web page is valid markup:

Web documents that use nonstandard HTML to control presentation (such as tables, font tags, and transparent images) tend to get bloated. Stripping out these elements and using style sheets for controling presentation typically results in much smaller files that is much easier to crawl for a search engine spider.

CSS Validator
Enter your URL below to validate you Style Sheet :

Well-structured and semantically rich documents are accessible to a wider variety of devices and the people who use them. Techniques based on presentations (X)HTML, such as using the font element to format headings and breaking up content into complex nested tales, damage the integrity of the source documet . This in turn could introduce difficulties for a search engine crawler to index the Web page.